25 Great TV Comedies on Netflix


Netflix is one of the best places to find great TV shows online. They have hundreds of the most popular comedies, dramas, and crime shows on TV. It’s easy to find the best shows on Netflix with TV Stream Guide. We sort through the most popular shows and came up with this list of 25 Great TV Comedies on Netflix. 


1. Parks and Recreation: Amy Poehler plays enthusiastic Parks Department employee Leslie Knope, in this popular mockumentary style comedy.

There are 5 Seasons of this popular comedy on Netflix

2. How I Met Your Mother: 2014 is the year we finally find out who architect Ted Mosby ends up marrying. The final episode will air on March 31st.

There are 8 Seasons of this great comedy to stream instantly on Netflix


3. New Girl: Quirky and energetic, Jessica Day has just gone through a break up, but finds comfort from her new roommates. They’re 3 single guys who are happy to show her a brand new perspective.

This is a goofy comedy on Netflix, with 2 Seasons available to stream instantly.


4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: This raunchy comedy on Netflix is about 4 unethical friends who run Paddy’s pub in Philadelphia. Each episode is more politically incorrect than the last, as the gang get’s involved in the most irreverent shenanigans on TV. If you’re into some-what trashy comedy, this is one of the funniest show on Netflix.

There are 8 Seasons of this popular show on Netflix


5. The Office: Michael Scott is the unconventional and quirky boss at Dunder Mifflin paper company, played by the hilarious Steve Carell. The Office antics are downright hilarious and the cast is easy to fall in love with. You’ll love this popular comedy on Netflix.

There are 9 Seasons available to stream. Watch this entire series instantly on Netflix.


6. Arrested Development: Michael Bluth and his dysfunctional family must learn how to depend on each other, after their wealthy family loses everything. This is one of the most outrageous comedies on Netflix.

There are 4 Seasons of this funny show to stream instantly.


7. Psych: This is one of my personal favorites. Shawn Spencer is a phony psychic detective in the USA Network crime-comedy. His father is an ex- detective and since Shawn was young his father taught him how to hone his observational skills. Shawn and his friend Gus solve murders in one of the funniest shows to stream on Netflix.


8. Don’t Trust the B—- in APT 23: Good hearted June, travels to New York to start a new life. She realizes the city life has a cruel edge when her new roommate cons her from the start. Country girls learn quick and soon enough her untrustworthy roomie becomes an unexpected friend.

Watch 2 Seasons of this hilarious comedy on Netflix.


9. Freaks and Geeks: Before James Franco was hacking off his own body parts in ‘127 Hours’, he starred with the popular Seth Rogen, and ‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ Jason Segel in a show about a group of edgy high-schoolers. It takes place in the 1980’s and is a hilarious throwback-comedy on Netflix.

Watch 1 Season (18 episodes) instantly


10. Trailer Park Boys: This Canadian Comedy has a serious cult following. Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles are always plotting their next scheme from their Nova Scotia trailer park. It has a low budget feel, but is was one the funniest and most irreverent comedies on Netflix.

Watch 7 Full Seasons of Trailer Park Boys instantly.


11. Scrubs: In this popular comedy on Netflix, J.D. Dorian is a goofy, and good-hearted, medical intern that works with an outrageous cast of characters. It’s a fun comedy with all sorts of crazy antics that take place inside the hospital.

Watch the entire series of ‘Scubs’ with 9 Seasons available to stream instantly on Netflix.


12. 30 Rock: Creator Tina Fey stars as Lis Lemon in this award-winning comedy about a team of writers, who put together a fictional NBC show, “TGS with Tracy Jordan.” It’s as smart as it is hilarious and easily one of the funniest sitcoms on Netflix.

Watch 7 Seasons of ’30 Rock.’


13. Malcolm in the Middle: Bryan Cranston is best known for his role as the power-hungry, Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad.’ Before he ever starred in that hit AMC series, he was the dad of three boys in the dysfunctional family comedy, ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ Malcolm is a kid genius, but his brothers, and entire family seem to stir up chaos all around him.

Watch all 7 Seasons of this popular comedy on Netflix.


14. Archer: In this ‘Adult Swim’ cartoon, Archer lives the elaborate life of an international spy. The only problem is that when he’s not using his cool gadgets or getting beautiful women, he’s dealing with his mom as his boss. This is a witty comedy, that spoofs spy movies.

There are 3 Seasons of Archer on Netflix, to watch instantly.


15. Portlandia: I live in a suburb outside of Portland, Oregon and find the satire in ‘Portlandia’ accurate and quite hilarious. This is a sketch comedy about two naive Portland residents, who live a quirky, indie lifestyle within the city.

Watch 3 Seasons of this funny sketch comedy on Netflix.


16. My Name is Earl: After petty criminal Earl wins the lottery, he decides that he wants to make up for all his mistakes. So he decides to find the people he’s wronged and pay them back. It’s a blue collar comedy about karma and one of the most popular TV comedies on Netflix.

Watch 5 Seasons of My Name is Earl instantly


17. The IT Crowd: This British TV show is one of the smartest comedies on Netflix. It’s about an IT support team that works at Reyholm Industries, where there boss is completely tech ignorant. It’s an absurdly hilarious show and definitely worth watching.

There are 4 Seasons of ‘The IT Crowd’ to stream.


18. Wilfred: Elijah Wood stars as a depressed character named Ryan. To make matters worse, Ryan sees his neighbor’s dog Wilfred as a man in a dog suit. Everyone else just sees a dog.

Watch 2 Seasons of this popular FX show on Netflix instant.


19. Frasier: Psychiatrist Frasier Crane is just beginning his career as a radio talk show host in Seattle, Washington. He dispenses advice on his talk show in this award-winning comedy. It’s one of the smartest sitcoms to air on TV, and one of my personal favorites.

You can watch the entire series of ‘Frasier’ Netflix, with 11 Seasons available to stream instantly.


20. Chuck: When electronics store slacker, Chuck accidentally downloads classified government information into his brain, his life changes forever. This is an action-comedy, that’s fun for the whole family to watch.

There are 5 Season of ‘Chuck’ available to stream.


21. The Bernie Mac Show: The late- great Bernie Mac was always one of my favorite comedians. In this show he plays a comedian, who watches over his nieces and nephews, while his sister’s in rehab. It’s an incredibly clever comedy, and another great show for the whole family to watch. I was really happy to see that Netflix brought it back.

There are 5 Season available to stream instantly on Netflix.


22. Cheers: In this classic NBC sitcom, Ted Danson plays ex-baseball player and bar owner, Sam Malone. The bar is always full of a hilarious group of regulars. Norm, Cliff, Frasier, and Carla are some of the everyday faces inside the popular Boston hangout. ‘Cheers’ was on the air from 1982-1992.

You can now watch 11 seasons of ‘Cheers’ on Netflix.


23. Derek: The star of the original British version of ‘The Office,’ Ricky Gervais plays a good-hearted care-taker in this Netflix Original Comedy. He’s a loyal employee and character that really grows on you. It’s one of the best comedy-drama series on Netflix.

Watch 1 Season of ‘Derek’ instantly.


24. Better Off Ted: Veridian Dynamics is a mega corporation that’s always doing morally questionable experiments. Ted overseas the entire research and development section, and is constantly making decisions with his team. This goofy comedy is full of hilarious and outrageous plot lines.

You can watch ‘Better Off Ted’ on Netflix with 2 Seasons of this great comedy to stream instantly.


25. Peep Show: One of TV’s funniest relationships begins when slacker Jeremy moves in with his friend Mark, after Jeremy’s girlfriend kicks him out. At first they seem like opposites, but as time goes own they became a hilarious comedy duo.

Watch 8 Full Seasons of this raunchy British Comedy on Netflix.


  • The League
  • Blue Mountain State
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Metal-ocalypse

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