10 Hottest TV Shows on Netflix! (2014)
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Best TV Shows on Netflix 2014: To celebrate the New Year, Netflix added new seasons of your favorite hit TV shows, including some of the hottest 2014 Golden Globe winners. If you’re looking for some great shows on Netflix, this is the perfect list for you. Check out these Top 10 TV Shows to watch on Netflix, in 2014!

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1. American Horror Story: It’s just about the creepiest show on TV. In 2014, American Horror story was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best TV Movie or Miniseries, and Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries. As if living with the dead wasn’t scary enough- Season 2 takes place inside Briarcliff, an insane asylum that contains the darkest kinds of evil. If you’re into scary movies or TV Shows, American Horror Story is one of the best shows to watch on Netflix.


2. Dexter- Seasons 1-8: Our favorite serial killer has pierced a permanent place into our hearts and a top spot on my Netflix list. Dexter, the killer of serial killers, is one of my favorite TV characters. He’s a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department, but hunts down the suspected murderers on his own. Ever since Dexter was young he had a compulsion to kill. Dexter shows there can be a fine line between good and evil. This is a great show on Netflix for crime drama fans.


3. Breaking Bad: Walter White, High School Chemistry Teacher- turned Meth Lord, has become one of TV’s most memorable characters. The evolution of Walt (played by Bryan Cranston) is one of the most dynamic tales of a man’s fight for power and control. The show has been heavily awarded with multiple Emmy’s and a couple of Golden Globes in 2014. Watch Walter take on the meth world with all 5 seasons now available to watch instantly on Netflix.

Netflix will release the 2nd Half of Season 5, Breaking Bad on February 24, 2014.


4. House of Cards: In this Netflix Original Series, Kevin Spacey plays U.S. Representative, Frank Underwood. After he realizes his fellow politicians used him like a footstool, Frank devises a plan for power, and revenge. This political drama has been widely recognized as one of the best TV shows of the last year, being nominated for multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

Netflix will begin Season 2 of House of Cards on February 14, 2014.







5. Orange is the New Black: Brought to you by the creators of “Weeds,” Piper Chapman is living a comfortable life with her fiancee in New York City, when a mistake from her past come back to haunt her. Piper is sentenced to 15 months in prison and is faced with the challenges of living in a woman’s prison. This dark comedy is another Netflix Original Series. It’s full of outrageous and quirky characters, making it one of the best shows on Netflix.

Netflix will air Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, sometime in 2014 (not yet determined).







6. The Walking Dead: AMC has proved itself as a dominating force in TV Drama. AMC has done it again, with one of the most addicting shows on TV. When Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital to discover his entire world has been over taken by a zombie infection, he must fight to find his family and keep them alive. I started watching for the gruesome zombie-bashing action, but the sword wielding characters and storyline have kept me hooked. Check out the first 3 seasons of this great show on Netflix.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead is expected to be on Netflix in late 2014.



7. Parks and Recreation: 2014 Golden Globe winner, Amy Poehler plays enthusiastic, small-town Parks Department employee Leslie Knope, in this hilarious mockumentary style comedy. It has just enough quick wit, and quirk, to keeping you laughing all the way to the ‘Play Next Episode’ button. If your looking for one of the best shows on Netflix then Parks and Rec is your next comedy fix, with 5 full season available.


8. Sons of Anarchy: This hit ‘FX’ network crime-drama is about California motorcycle club, the Son’s of Anarchy. Jax Teller is a young club member but is determined to take lead the club in the direction his deceased father intended. Jax and his club are in a constant battle against other gangs, drug dealers, and loyalty issues within the club. It’s non stop action and easily one of the best crime shows on Netflix.

Netflix has 5 Seasons of Sons of Anarchy Available to Stream in 2014


9. Scandal: 2014 Golden Globe Nominee, Kerry Washington portrays Olivia Pope, a Washington D.C. Lawyer who has a firm dedicated to protecting Washington’s D.C.’s most elite. She will go to any length to cover the scandal’s of America’s most powerful politicians. This is a great show to watch on Netflix, with 2 full season available to watch instantly.






10. How I Met Your Mother: Architect, Ted Mosby’s search for Mrs. Ted Mosby is finally coming to an in in 2014. Ted and his quirky group of friends spend most their time in their favorite New York City bar or pulling of some crazy shenanigans. The wildly popular comedy, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has eight out of those nine seasons available to stream instantly on Netflix.

The final episode of How I Met Your Mother will air on March 31, 2014. The Netflix release date is not yet set for season nine.


NEW! What to Watch on Netflix (Summer 2014)!

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